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8-999 Percentage 30 $1,399.30

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Buy Multiple and Save

  • Buy 2-3 and get 15% off
  • Buy 4-5 and get 20% off
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The S Pro is a smart toilet and a warm water bidet that brings a luxury experience to the convenience of your bathroom. With hands-free automation, a heated antimicrobial seat, self-cleaning and deodorizing processes, advanced washing technology, remote control, and 37 customizable integrations, the S Pro warm water bidet is comfort in your most private moments. We’re proud to say this is a seat you will enjoy every day.

FREE SHIPPING (3-5 business days to continental US)  | 5 YEAR WARRANTY

NOTE: An electrical outlet with 120V supply is required for operation of unit.

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Built-in sensors begin operation when a user approaches, lifting the main cover automatically.

To lift the seat, use your foot to activate the kick sensor at the base of the unit For touches experience. The kick sensor also includes an auto-flush and close function after use.

When the cover is closed in darkness, the unit provides an automated soft glow LED nightlight.

Anti-bacterial seat that can be temperature controlled during use.

The patented technology in the wash unit uses a ceramic core heating element for a consistent, uniform temperature.

The wash nozzle infuses microscopic bubbles to oxygenate the water flow at the cleansing area, giving a spa-like feel.

The stainless steel wash nozzle is treated with ionized silver ABS, for continued anti-bacterial protection.

Wash position, temperature and pressure are all fully adjustable, and can be customized to your preference.

After use, the nozzle retracts and is cleaned automatically with water and antibacterial UV light.

Customize your own personal settings of the unit, via the included remote control panel.

The unit can also be controlled by a smart phone.

Utilizing temperature controlled, forced air units to gently dry, circulate and deodorize the bowl after use.

The processed air is then passed through activated charcoal filters in the base unit to leave the room odor free.

Los Angeles install available (50 mi radius and 2 unit minimum)

Electrical service $299 per unit

  • Includes adding wire and electrical outlet near toilet

Plumbing Service $399 per unit

  • Includes full install
  • Removal of old toilet
  • Full install of swan with floor caulking
  • Water valve adjustment and remote install
  • Does not include disposal of old toilets removed

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Integrated Features


Save water with
every flush


Hands-free opening,
closing, flushing, and cleaning


Antibacterial seat
with ionized silver wash nozzle


Onboard technology
for a personalized experience


10 reviews for Swan S Pro Smart Toilet

  1. Savana B

    This bidet is amazing!! Such an incredible price for all the bells and whistles I could ask for!

  2. Morgan

    The S Pro multifunction toilet and bidet is an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to bring a luxurious experience into their bathroom.

  3. Kathy C

    My husband finally let me remodel our master bathroom and add a smart bidet like I’ve been asking for and we could not be happier with this product! It’s low maintenance, the heated seat and nightlight are so convenient, and you feel so clean afterwards. My husband was skeptical at first, but now he might love it more than I do!

  4. Ryan G

    I recently did a full bathroom remodel and decided to splurge on a smart bidet and it was so worth it. No more cold seat, no more stumbling to find the toilet in the dark, and no more wads of tp. If you’re on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret it.

  5. Ben G

    This has got the be the best home improvement ever. My wife is thrilled and the quality and features are amazing and the deal for multiple bathrooms is amazing.

  6. James M Cothron

    I believe it is it outstanding product

  7. Heath P

    Awesome product. Remodeled my bathroom recently and bought a Swan Toilet after seeing so much about smart bidets online. Did my research and landed on the Swan S Pro for all their features and the 5 year warranty for the price.

  8. Abigail A

    Love this for my family. So much cleaner and I no longer have to buy toilet paper constantly which is a nice bit of savings every month.

  9. Dylan H

    I love this thing. With the heated seats and heated water, it’s like a jacuzzi for my butt!

  10. Michael B

    We are so happy that we replaced all 5 toilets with Swan smart toilets. We just had guests here a few weeks ago and then my parents and brother here for Thanksgiving – all raved about the Swan toilets once they knew about all the features and how to use them!

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Free shipping & 5 year warranty

The Swan S Pro is elevated living at an affordable cost. Bring the luxury of a bidet and the convenience of a smart toilet into your home with a single seat.

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