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How to clean your bathroom without using bleach

smart toilet with bidet

Intro Do you ever struggle with keeping your bathroom clean? I know I do! Automated appliances, like the Swan S Pro, have made it easier to keep your toilet clean with little to no effort. But what about the rest of the bathroom? Trying to prevent hard water stains or soap scum from building up […]

How the Swan S Pro Assists People with Mental Health Disorders

For years now, we have discovered the various luxuries of the Swan S Pro and the Swan bidet attachment, emphasizing the spa-like experience they can provide. What we haven’t emphasized is how our smart toilets offer benefits for those with various health, medical, and physical limitations. A study showed nearly 1 in 4 persons in […]

Are Bidets Good for Hemorrhoids?

Are bidets good for hemorrhoids? Learn the causes and at-home treatments for hemorrhoids. Discover how a bidet can help with burning, itching, and swelling.

Creating a Spa-like Retreat at Home: Ideas for Transforming Your Bathroom 

bidet toilet combo

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and tranquility is essential for maintaining balance and well-being. While spas and retreats offer a temporary escape, creating a serene oasis at home can provide a lasting sanctuary for rejuvenation. One way to elevate your home bathroom into a luxurious retreat is by incorporating advanced bidet features. […]

How to Choose a Bidet Toilet Seat?

bidet hands free remote

Bidets are becoming a popular choice for people seeking a higher end bathroom that is also a more hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative. With technology now catching up to the bathroom there are many new features and options available. 

Why Don’t Americans Use Bidets?

toilet with built in bidet

Do you know what a fatberg is? They are the heart attacks of modern plumbing – a congealed slab of fat, oil, and grease that clog sewer lines and sometimes flood streets with bacteria-riddled water. Every municipality is terrified of them, scared of the day when too many citizens have flushed undissolvable wet wipes or […]

Where were bidets invented? The bidet origin for Americans

best bidet

Many Americans are skeptical of bidets. If they’ve traveled to Europe, they might have sneered at one and returned from the bathroom with a litany of questions and insults:  However, you don’t know what you don’t know, and even though bidets were a source of unearned patriotic pride and exceptionalism (this is the country that […]

Bidets Win! How Toilet Paper Can’t Stand a Chance.

Smartphones have made going to the bathroom way more fun, right? It used to be staring vacantly at the wall or leafing through a withered copy of Reader’s Digest, but now we can play games, scroll on social media, or indulge in our endless curiosity by searching random questions that pop into our heads. For […]

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