Are bidets cleaner than toilet paper? How bidets beat toilet paper for cleanliness

bidet attachment for toilet

Are bidets cleaner than toilet paper? How bidets beat toilet paper for cleanliness

bidet attachment for toilet

For any Americans wary of using a bidet, just remember you’re not alone. For people accustomed to toilet paper, the first time is a little trepidatious. Will it be too cold? Too hot? And – this always bounces around in your mind – is it clean?

The modern bidet has taken America by storm with either special seats or integrated into smart toilets. But, to the toilet paper obsessive, the question of cleanliness still is brought up. Let this blog finally dispel whatever lingering concerns you have about bidets not being clean. When compared to toilet paper, the bidet is infinitely better, AND when compared to any other bidet or smart toilet on the market, the Swan Model S Pro is at the top of the heap.

The Unmatched Cleanliness of Bidets Over Toilet Paper

The shift towards bidets in American bathrooms brings forth a significant improvement in personal hygiene and environmental sustainability. We get it. Toilet paper is familiar. There’s something oddly comforting about the process of using it: the checking to see if the paper is white and the satisfaction you feel when you’ve only had to use a few squares (“Good! I must be eating the right amount of fiber!”) But, familiar things aren’t necessarily healthy, and toilet paper falls short on cleanliness. It doesn’t do a good job of actually “cleaning” the area, and (those suffering from hemorrhoids will know this),it can really irritate the skin.   

Water, unlike paper, can effectively remove bacteria and waste without the risk of irritation. This not only ensures a cleaner and more hygienic after-toilet experience but also plays a vital role in preventing infections and promoting overall health.

Plus, bidets offer an environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper, which contributes to deforestation and significant water use during its production process. By reducing the dependence on paper, bidets align with a more sustainable and ecologically responsible lifestyle.

The Swan Model S Pro: Elevating Hygiene and Convenience

Enter the Swan Model S Pro, a marvel of modern bathroom technology designed to address every conceivable comfort and cleanliness need. This bidet stands out with its comprehensive set of features designed to provide a seamless, hygienic, and luxurious bathroom experience.

Hands-Free Operation

The hands-free functionality of the Swan Model S Pro eliminates the need to touch the toilet for flushing or lifting the lid, offering a more hygienic experience. This feature ensures that users can maintain cleanliness and avoid contact with potentially germ-infested surfaces.

Customization Through Remote Control & App

With adjustable settings controlled via the remote or mobile app, the Swan Model S Pro allows users to personalize their experience. Temperature, wash style, and other preferences can be easily set, ensuring that each use is tailored to individual comfort levels.

Automation for Enhanced Convenience

The Swan Model S Pro makes everything easy. Flushing. Air drying. Closing the cover. All of these can be automated through the app and make your bathroom experience simple and convenient. This automation not only adds a layer of convenience but also ensures that the bidet remains clean and ready for use without manual intervention.

Spa-Like Feel with Adjustable Nozzles and Heated Seats

The adjustable nozzles and heated seats offer a spa-like experience, elevating the standard bathroom visit to something more comfortable and indulgent. These features cater to personal preferences for temperature and wash style, enhancing the overall experience.

LED Night Light

Clawing your way in the dark towards the bathroom at night can be awful. You can stub your toe. You can trip over something. And, depending on your night vision and aim, you can miss the seat completely. Not with the Swan Model S Pro. The inclusion of an LED night light, activated when the lid is closed and the room is dark, adds a thoughtful touch of convenience and safety, guiding users during nighttime visits without the need for harsh overhead lighting.


The bidet, and specifically the Swan Model S Pro, represents a pinnacle of bathroom hygiene and luxury. With its advanced features, including hands-free operation, customizable settings, and automation, it sets a new standard for cleanliness and comfort. The Swan Model S Pro not only addresses the common concerns associated with bidet use but also surpasses traditional toilet paper in every aspect of hygiene and environmental sustainability. By choosing the Swan Model S Pro, you’re not just making a choice for a cleaner bathroom experience; you’re investing in a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable world.


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